MommyCon Philadelphia 2018

Since becoming a cloth diapering mama, I have heard a lot about this “MommyCon.” I didn’t really know much about it, but I quickly was able to find out how amazing it is! To start, I must say that their staff is absolutely amazing! They are all extremely kind, caring, educated, and helpful. These women (there may be some men somewhere behind the scenes, so if so, I apologize!) will bend over backwards to make sure their guests have an experience nothing short of amazing. They have really thought of everything!

To start…..

There are a variety of ticket levels.

-VIP: You get a higher end gift bag and an extra set of sessions. For Philadelphia, that meant there were sessions on Friday just for VIPs.

-Premium: You get a gift bag and admission for all general admission sessions/events.

-General: You do not get a gift bag, but you get admission for all general admission sessions/events.

I got a VIP ticket for myself and Premium Admission for my partner. I will say that if you are picking your ticket (between VIP and the others) just for the gift bag, you may be disappointed. They are not the same for all events. I was really bummed to see we did not get a JuJuBe bag when all other locations did. Thankfully the real meat and potatoes between getting a VIP ticket is the special Friday sessions. (View Philly 2018 schedule below)



“Ask a Dad” with Mat York was my absolute favorite session of the entire weekend! It made missing out on a beautiful JuJuBe piece totally worth it. (Thank you!) We were able to guide the conversation wherever the guests wanted. @NaturallyDad was with him, making it even more entertaining!

MommyBarre was quite a great workout. I needed that little reminder that moms still need to take time for themselves to work out and be in shape for our babies. It was inspiring to be reminded that this can even be done WITH the baby, as I feel like I tend to wait until Caden is napping to get everything done.

As a cloth diapering parent, meeting the SmartBottoms family was really cool! Christy and Geoff were super sweet and down to earth. I loved hearing about their lives. I wish this session had a little more back and forth with the audience, but overall it was enjoyable.

Every room that the events are held in has tons of toys in an area for the kiddos to play while mommy and daddy learn! This was such a great concept. I love that this was a conference for mama’s with babies still encouraged in attendance. As a parent, I feel we are so often given an ultimatum of stay at home with you children or leave the house. We are shunned for our little ones being loud or energetic in public. This was so freeing to be able to allow my little man to act as he pleases in public. I hate having to stifle him. His “inside voice” tends to be much louder than those around us would care to hear. (Insert cry-laughing emoji)

Being in a big city, hotel and food options were endless. We stayed in the MommyCon block for simplicity. I tend to not get very adventurous with travel plans when I don’t have to. We uses SpotHero for parking, making it super easy to find parking. We reserved and paid for our spot weeks ahead of time. We were able to cancel if needed, so no worries there! You scan the code on your phone to enter and exit the lot. We were able to see distance from the destination, amenities, such as covered, security, etc., and prices for all lots in proximity. This app is available for many cities, so feel free to check it out wherever you may need a spot! If you have not used this app before, use to get $7 off your spot! Magianno’s (Italian) was an excellent choice for dinner on Friday Night!

Saturday morning when we went to check in, we were the first ones in line…. you’re shocked. I know. 🙂 They had a really cool backdrop to take pictures with. If you used #mommyconphilly on Instagram, the pictures would automatically print out at their picture table. They had a postcard station with the most hilarious cards… our favorite being, “Sorry for being a prick!” with a picture of a cactus. MommyCon even paid the postage for our cards to be sent!


We ran straight to the Grovia stand once the exhibit hall opened at 9am for the Ice Cream exclusive bundles. I ended up buying some KiwiPie and JellyCats too because I have zero self control. After that, we wanted to go to the “It All Begins with Nurturing the Heart,” but the presenter was running late. We jumped over to “Babywearing Basics” with Ergo and learned a ton! Because we had to check out of our hotel, we ran over to our room to get Caden a quick morning nap and some lunch. We went back for more shopping in the exhibit hall once we packed up the car. (Next time I go to MommyCon, I will not plan to go straight to the beach from there. It made things a little more difficult…. in particular the 400+ ounces of breastmilk that had no where to go!) I found Spill the Beans, a t-shirt/printing company that had amazing shirts. We got a few….. Then, ordered more when we got home. Wooooooops! There were tons of other great companies, like BonkBand who creates ice headbands/wraps for littles!

Some other special amenities for MommyCon include the quiet feeding lounge, which features breastfeeding pillows, fridges, bottle warmers, breastfeeding storage bags, comfy chairs, and more, the snack stand that has all types of new snacks for littles to try, a changing area with changing tables, wipes, and diapers, and a sleep lounge with all kind of bassinets and portable sleeping areas.

While I was in the Potty Training session, Sean utilized the Sleep Lounge with Caden. I am really thankful this room existed. Otherwise our day would have ended much sooner.


We really wanted to check out Romp & Roll after the Potty Training session, but Caden was still way too tired and we needed to get on our way to the beach.

Until next year…. ❤


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Cloth Diaper 101

You’re going to touch your child’s poop?! You’re going to put THAT in your washing machine?!?!!

NEWSFLASH: You do this with disposables, too. Has your child never had a blowout diaper????

I LOVE sharing my love of cloth diapering with other. I am always here to answer questions and help anyone get started. It saves you money and the universe a ton of extra garbage in landfills! If anyone needs help, feel free to comment on this post, shoot @TheTeacherMama_ a message on Insta or FB!

There’s a lot of information out there about cloth diapering. I like to stick to the basics to help a newbie decide what is best for them. When we first started out, I ordered a few different types to see what they looked and felt like. Overall, I stick with one-size diapers and don’t worry about newborn or specific sized diapers. This is easier on me and my pocketbook. My boy also came out 9 pounds, 3 ounces, so newborn diapers would have been a total waste! He fit in one-size perfectly from day one.

What types of diapers are there? (There are more, but I’m keeping this simple!)

-Pocket – You stuff an insert into the diaper. When you wash, you pull out the inserts.

  • PROs >>>> You get to customize absorbency.
  • CONs >>>> You have to take the time to stuff the diapers.

I love Charlie Banana pocket diapers. They have leg straps that you can adjust. 

-All in one – This diaper has everything you need attached.

  • PROs >>>>> No stuffing 🙂
  • CONs >>>>> You don’t get to customize absorbency as easily. You made need to add in extras to make it work for you.

I love Grovia and Thirsties Natural All in Ones!

-Covers – This is the most economical route you can take.

  • PROs >>>>> You can reuse the cover as long as it’s only peed in. You just change the refold inside.
  • CONs >>>>> This seems intimidating, but it’s really not. We use Grovia covers and Osocozy prefolds which have the folds sewed into them. You just have to fold it into thirds. You can do super fancy folds and use snapeez, but I like to keep it SIMPLE.

I love Grovia covers and Osocozy prefolds!

What type of closures are there?

Applix/Hook & Loop/Velcro –

  • PROs – Super easy to use. Just like a disposable.
  • CONs – A little bit higher maintenance because you will need to make sure the velcro is attached before washing. Velcro doesn’t have as long of a life expectancy as snaps.

Snaps –

  • PROs – Snaps generally last much longer than velcro.
  • CONs – May take some trial and error to find the right fit.


How do you wash your diapers?

What works for me, may not work for you. This is a lot of trial and error. It also will depend on the type of water you have. We have harder water living off of well water, so I use Tide powder. It has a softener in it automatically. If you post your washing machine and water hardness in a cloth diapering group, they will help you figure out a wash routine.

I keep my large pail liner/wet bag in the bathroom. I spray poop diapers and place them in the bag. I put pee diapers straight into the bag without rinsing. I wash every 2-3 days… sometimes 4, but I try to stick to 2-3. I put all of the diapers in my top loading washer as a  SMALL load, cold, quick wash with line one of Tide powder. Then, I do another small load, hot, FULL cycle, with a full cup of Tide powder. I dry the inserts and line dry the diapers.

Where do you get your diapers?

I love Join Abby’s Chatties on Facebook to get all of the promo codes from the pinned post for each day of the week. Their rewards program is awesome! You always get at least 11.5% back on all purchases! 🙂 ***ETA: My favorite shop closed in December! (Worst. Day. Ever.)

Some other shops – Ulmie’s Nest, The Natural Baby Company, and The Green Diaper Store!


PS: Check out the AMAZING GroVia chart they made to help parents decide which diaper is perfect for them! >>>>>